General process of recycling a car or bus windscreen

3D animated image depicting recycling symbols.

Step 1

Windscreen replaced

1.1 – Technician puts the windscreen in glass cages or containers provided by supplier.
1.2 – Supplier picks up the cage or container when full, while leaving an empty.

Step 2

Pick-up and transport

2.0 – Supplier transports the windscreen to recycling facility

Step 3


3.1 – Recycling supplier controls quality, check contamination level of e.g. gravel
3.2 – The windshield is crushed and laminated layer removed

Step 4

New product

Crushed glass

Raw material for new glass products. It helps the glassworks to reduce the melting point compared to virgin material – making it more energy efficient. New products include FRC (furnace ready cullets), Insulation, Glass blocks, Jars, bottles etc.

Laminated layer / Other plastics and metals

Around 1-15% of the original windscreens need to be sent to incineration depending on facility. Only sent to incineration if possible to recycle at facility. This can be processed into glue, incinerated for energy recovery or recycled into new metals and plastics.

“This is a summary of the different stages of Cary Group’s recycling process. Local variations may apply.”