Image of two middle-aged men working on a bus window.

Brands with leading market positions

Cary Group provides car care solutions across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium, focusing on vehicle glass repair and replacement. Originally family-owned, we have expanded into leading market positions nationally. Our success stems from advanced technology, comprehensive services for all car types, and a dedication to creating smart solutions and exceptional experiences for end-customers, insurance firms, and B2B partners.

Vehicle glass

European market leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement through local brands. Cary Group also offers calibration of cameras and sensors in the windshield after replacement to maintain the vehicle’s safety features.

Bus and coach glass

European market leader in services for repair and replacement of bus and coach glass as well as calibration of cameras and sensors in the windscreen after replacement.

SMART Repair and Collision

Nordic market leader within SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) repair and collision, such as paint and bodywork through strong local brands.