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Join our family

Acquisitions have long been a natural part of Cary Group’s growth journey and at the same time have opened the way for the geographical expansion of operations. The acquisitions made over the past five years have contributed to increased revenue but have also established Cary Group on new markets.

Our acquisitions are also contributing to consolidate the highly fragmented European vehicle glass repair and replacement market. This also means that there are many potential candidates for acquisitions – candidates whom we would like to offer a place in our Cary Group of family.

Map of Europe with green-marked countries.

Acquisitions throughout Europe within vehicle glass

Entering a new country with what we call a platform acquisition helps us provide rapid geographical expansion and to accelerate Cary Group’s progress towards becoming a leading pan-European player. Acquisitions focus on large Western European markets, where there is a high level of insurance penetration in vehicle glass repairs.
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What we look for –entrepreneurial approach and customer focused businesses

On the markets where we acquire new businesses, the companies must have nationwide coverage as well as the potential to become one of the biggest players on their market in the long term. This means, for example, that candidates for acquisition already have a broad workshop network and that the level of consolidation in the country allows a market-leading position to be established over time. The local market position of the workshops are important factors in this type of acquisition. Equally important are the entrepreneurial approach and customer focus – alongside the history and capacity for innovation – demonstrated by the candidates for acquisition. Most companies within the Cary Group family comes from family owned entrepreneurial businesses with market leading positions.
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“Being part of Cary Group helps us to speed up our digital customer journey and being in the forefront in the industry in terms of offering sustainable vehicle glass solutions.”

– Marco Moreno, Managing Director Cary Group Spain

“Joining Cary Group enables my team to take advantage of a strong company culture, support from Group functions and to be part of something larger – utilizing knowledge sharing and economies of scale such as better purchasing terms”

– Joana Marques, Managing Director, Portugal

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Attractive buyer – an entrepreneurial and family-oriented culture

We see ourselves as an attractive buyer with a long history of acquisitions that means we can meet the needs of various kinds of vendors. In many cases, we are also seen as a buyer that differs from the large, vehicle glass specialists with which smaller operators have been competing for a long time.

Another key strength is that Cary Group offers an entrepreneurial and family-oriented culture. This is something that many vendors appreciate, as it continues to strengthen their business and ensures that their employees are well looked after. We combine a high level of independence at all workshops with clear central governance in areas such as IT and procurement. This makes everyday life easier for the local businesses and also means that we can enjoy economies of scale that provide added value.

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Growth in new areas

The vehicle servicing aftermarket is in a state of change. Taking a larger portion of the value chain also influences the direction of our Nordic acquisitions, where we will be expanding into new areas on the vehicle servicing market. Examples of this include the acquisitions made in bus glass and minor bodywork repairs inSweden and Norway in recent years.

In broadening to bus glass offering, we can benefit from our high-quality vehicle glass services. Within minor bodywork repairs our Nordic workshop network can be adapted to offer more services to existing customers.