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Our people

We are proud to be the employer of almost 3,000 employees. Our employees are vital to our business and the quality of our service offering, which comes down to our customer experience.

Cary Group aims to become the most attractive employer in our industry. In order to achieve our vision, we must be able to attract, retain and develop the best people in our field. Shared values, empowerment, and development opportunities for all employees help create a culture in which all employees can thrive.

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Our culture

We come from a long tradition of entrepreneurial family businesses, which has formed the foundation for our culture, one that we are keen to maintain. Although we have grown into an international group, our philosophy on collaboration has remained the same; working as a team both within and outside of national companies to figure out smart and simplified solutions for customers, all without compromising on quality.

Being part of something bigger gives us the power to make the changes we see as necessary. By having more colleagues to learn from, we gain new expertise, establish ourselves in new localities, and expand our skills into different areas.

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Our values

Our culture is based on five values that we believe serve as guiding principles for how we act, both within our organisation as well as with external partners. It is upon these five values that we have built our organisation, and they lead us in our everyday work. The values are Simplify, Empower, Smarter, Caring and Together.
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Cary Group is a company with employees in several European countries, which means that a local well functioning management and leadership is essential for our business. To assure a strong leadership in all countries and to help our managers to develop exceptional leadership skills a Cary Group leadership profile, based on research as well as best practice from our industry, works as a guiding principle. The leadership profile will support Cary Group leaders in their daily work and their own development as managers.
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Competence development

Cary Group operates in an industry where advanced technology is a natural part of everyday life. This means that it is essential that our employees have a high level of competence if we are to deliver high-quality services. Our common HR Policy lays the foundations for the employee journey, from onboarding to employee review with a personal development plan.

To share best practice within the group, internal forums acts as competence and knowledge sharing. We also offer our countries a to take part of Cary Group Academy which offers harmonized and high-quality training throughout the Group, supporting local practical training.

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“I enjoy the development opportunities that comes with my job. No day is like the other and I get to solve problems and take on new challenges.”

– Sandra Hernandez, Director of Operational Excellence, Auto Cristal Ralarsa, Spain

Image of a middle-aged man looking straight into the camera while smiling.

“I have been with the company for about 12 years in different roles. Wehave a great company culture and great colleagues that I get to work with everyday.”

– Rickard Frölund, Head of Sales, Ryds Bilglas, Sweden

“As a technician I have the possibility to learn how the other companies in Cary Group operates.”

– Emma, Technician, Ryds Bilglas, Sweden

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Equality and diversity

For us at Cary Group it is important and fundamental that everybody feels welcome, regardless of gender, ethnicity, beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation or age. We are convinced that a workplace defined by diversity creates a more sustainable and solid company, not to mention a more successful one, which is of benefit for our business and for society as a whole.
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Employee follow up

To follow our progress and to ensure that Cary Group is perceived as an attractive company, we measure the engagement, work satisfaction and loyalty of our employees.

Cary Group measures the employees’ engagement and satisfaction through EEI (Employee Engagement Index) and ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index), and the employee loyalty through the eNPS (employeeNet Promoter Score).

By measuring these KPIs, together with regular meetings – individual or team meetings – and with the annual employee survey, Cary Group gets an understanding of areas perceived as strong and improvement areas.

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