Workshop technicians within Cary Group in an exciting exchange of experiences

Cary Group is one of the European market leaders in repair and replacement of vehicle glass, consisting of independent companies in 10 different markets. The largest markets are the UK, operating under the brand name of National Windscreens and Sweden, operating under the brand of Ryds Bilglas. As part of increasing the knowledge sharing between technicians in the countries, 10 workshop technicians from Ryds Bilglas in Sweden have been working for two weeks in different locations in the London area in the UK.

“This is the first time that doing a cross-country exchange at fitting centre level, and we are pleased with the response from our staff. It is an excellent opportunity to give our employees a unique professional adventure. The collaboration has been very successful, both from our side and from National Windscreen’s side, and we hope for more of these exchanges moving forward,” says Fredrik Karlsson, Managing Director of Ryds Bilglas in Sweden.

Cary Group had the idea of offering the companies that are part of the Group to excel by being part of something larger. Knowledge and best practice sharing as well as cooperations like these are good examples of the exchange.

Andy Rae, Operations Director, said: “The collaboration between Ryds Bilglas and National Windscreens is a great chance to see how the practices of the technicians differ in Sweden and the UK. Ryds Bilglas technicians have, in addition to their solid know-how, contributed their knowledge, but also ensured a high level of customer service in our workshops. Sharing innovations, skills and practices through our network is an essential function of the business to continue to improve the service for our customers”.

For further information, please contact:

Fredrik Karlsson, Managing Director Sweden, Cary Group
+46 10 102 99 36

Helene Gustafsson, Head of Corporate Communication, Cary Group
Tel: +46 70
 868 40 50

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About Ryds Bilglas Ryds Bilglas is a leading player in the repair and replacement of car glass with close proximity to the customer with over 150 workshops in Sweden. The company was founded in 1947 and is today part of Cary Group. For more information please visit