Norwegian insurance company Fremtind selects Cary Group as its supplier

Fremtind, Norway’s third-largest insurance company, has selected Cary Group’s Norwegian vehicle glass business, Cary Bilglass, as one of its strategic partners for vehicle glass repair. Fremtind operates on the Norwegian consumer market through its two brands Sparebank 1 and DNB.

“We are very proud that Fremtind has chosen our Norwegian company Cary Bilglass to be one of their two strategic partners for insurance cases involving vehicle glass repair. One of the main reasons why Fremtind chose Cary Bilglass was the strong customer offering, which includes digital booking channels for achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The Net Promoter Score of Cary Bilglass of over 90% was also a key factor. We look forward to creating positive customer experiences together with Fremtind,”says Anders Jensen, CEO, Cary Group.

The agreement, which runs for three years, will see Fremtind transfer repair volumes to Cary Bilglass as one of its two partners. In addition to a high Net Promoter Score, a strong sustainable offering was important, which Cary Group is able to demonstrate through transparent reporting of its carbon footprint and continuous efforts to reduce its climate impact.

For more information, please contact:

Anders Jensen, CEO, Cary Group
Tel.:+46 10 121 96 12

Helene Gustafsson, Head of IR & Corporate Communication
Tel.: +46 708 684 050

About Cary Group
Cary Group provides sustainable damage repair and car care services and has business operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK and Spain. It specialises in the repair and replacement of automotive glass, with a complementary range of services in auto body repair and SMART repair. With good accessibility for customers, high-quality products and smart solutions, we help our customers make simplified and sustainable choices. For more information, please visit

Norwegian insurance company Fremtind selects Cary Group as its supplier