Safer roads with new AI from Cary Group

Cary Group launches a revolutionary AI service that shows whether a damaged windscreen can be repaired or will need to be replaced entirely – simply by uploading a photo of the damage to our companies’ websites.

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cary Group can rapidly determine whether damage such as stone chips or cracks on your windscreen can be repaired or if the entire windscreen will need to be replaced. Thanks to an advanced AI feature on our companies´ websites, car owners can simply upload a photo of the damage and get an automated assessment within seconds.

“At Cary Group we are constantly looking for new ways to make our customers’ lives easier. This new feature makes it quick and easy for customers to have the damage assessed and to schedule an appointmentfor repair,” says Anders Jensen CEO Cary Group.

Stone chips are a common problem that we often put off fixing, which can cause the entire windscreen to crack. This is serious as the windscreen is an important part of the overall vehicle structure. A cracked windscreen thus weakens the car as a whole. It also causes impaired visibility which is a safety risk – not just to the driver but to everyone on the roads.

”We understand that many people put off going to a workshop just to get a small chip or dent in the windscreen checked out. It seems like a hassle and often a waste of time. So with this new feature, we hope that more people will pay closer attention to chips and dents on their windscreens and get any problems fixed in good time – which is not just a win for the environment and your wallet, but also helps make the roads safer for us all,” continues Anders Jensen.

Cary Group is the first provider in Europe to offer this kind of automated assessment service for windscreens and car glass.

”As a automobile expert and a market leader within the repair and replacement of windscreens and car glass, this is a natural next step for us. Changing car glass ought to be fast and hassle-free. Automating the assessment process is a great boost to both customer satisfaction, road safety and the climate footprint,” Anders Jensen concludes.

Infomercial about the feature:

For further information, please contact:
Anders Jensen, CEO Cary Group or +46 10 102 98 74