Good bye Ryds Bilglas Group, welcome Cary Group!

Ryds Bilglas Group with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK changes its name to Cary Group. A new group name and a new brand that represent the group’s existing international operations and support the continued expansion ahead. The group will continue to use strong local brands where it is commercially and strategically beneficial to do so.
“We are proud of becoming one family of companies under the name Cary Group and being able to offer smarter solutions to our customers and greater potential to our employees. As a first step of our strategy towards 2025, and under our new name, we establish a stronger group function, enhance collaborations across markets and aim to double our revenue”, says Anders Jensen, CEO, Cary Group.

Ryds Bilglas, specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement, was founded in Sweden over 70 years ago and has grown ever since through acquisitions of family-run businesses and franchise operations. The continued expansion will from today be under the new name, created to carry the entire business including international markets and represent the group’s offer of sustainable car care in the future.

The group will continue to use strong local brands, such as Ryds Bilglas in Sweden and Mobile Windscreens in the UK, as long as it is commercially and strategically motivated. In other selected and future markets, brands may be re-branded to Cary when the timing is right. In Norway for exam-ple, the Cary brand will be used locally and the plan is to re-brand Ryds Bilglass to Cary in early 2021.

“The new group name and brand will lead our way towards the future and was created from the combi-nation of Car+Ry(ds) (=Car care by Ryds). Cary honors our heritage and represents our customer focus and sustainable business model based on the aim to repair instead of replace. We plan to strengthen our offer and provide car care services that sustain the life, value and safety feature of motorized vehicles. Simply because we care”, says Anders Jensen.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Jensen, CEO Cary Group or +46 10 102 98 74

About Cary Group

Cary Group, owned by the Ryd family and the majority owner Nordic Capital Fund VIII (Nordic Capital) offers car care solutions through Ryds Bilglas, Svenska Bussglas, Danglas and Mobile Windscreens. With local presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK, the international group has a total of 231 workshops and 260 mobile units specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement. In 2019 the group had 1,000+ employees and revenues of over 1,600 MSEK.