Cary Group becomes climate-neutral

Cary Group provides vehicle glass- and vehicle damage services that sustain the life, value and safety features of motorised vehicles. Repairing instead of replacing with new material, with social responsibility and minimal climate impact, is the foundation of sustainable car care at Cary Group. Despite its sustainable strategy, Cary Group’s services do have a climate footprint. Therefore, Cary Group has compensated for a portion of its direct emissions, and in 2021 the company went a step further to compensate all of its emissions and is thereby climate-neutral.

“Improving our customer experience while at the same time protecting our planet is a win-win. Sustainability is built into every stage of a windscreen’s journey at Cary Group. It begins with the initial interaction with the customer when a stone chip has been discovered and continues through the damage assessment and the repair or replacement process, right up to when the windscreen has been repaired or replaced, and in the latter case recycled. Cary Group now becoming climate-neutral further strengthens our sustainable offering. We want to be the sustainable choice for the repair and replacement of vehicle glass, and we are always looking for more ways of reducing our climate impact”, says Mia Ejendal, COO of Cary Group.

Being climate neutral means that Cary Group, through climate compensation projects, captures and binds the same amount of CO2 as the company produces CO2-equivalent emissions, so that the sum of the emissions is zero. Cary Group thereby compensate all emissions in the product life cycle (Scope 1, 2 and 3), which means that the company takes responsibility for emissions from its own windscreen repair and replacement services, but also compensates for the emissions that its suppliers generate. The calculation of emissions is done in accordance with the ISO 14021 standard and are verified by a third party.

Compensation takes place through various tree-planting projects, certified in accordance with Plan Vivo.

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Mia Ejendal, COO of Cary Group
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Helene Gustafsson, Head of IR & Corporate Communication
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