Cary Group publishes Sustainability Report 2020

Cary Group, a leading European vehicle glass repair and replacement service provider, today publishes its Sustainability Report for 2020. Cary Group offers solutions that help sustain the life, value and safety features of vehicles. Caring for and repairing, instead of replacing, with social responsibility and minimal environmental impact, is the foundation of sustainable car care at Cary Group.

“At Cary Group we believe in having a strategy which has sustainability as an integrated, core part of how we build our company. We do not believe in having a sustainability strategy – we have a sustainable strategy. As volumes increase it has become even more important to find sustainable solutions in everything we do. Our aim to always repair instead of replacing a windscreen when possible is one of them. In 2020, Cary Group repaired 125,175 windscreens, saving approximately 5 tonnes of CO2. By developing smarter solutions, we will be able to contribute to making mobility more sustainable, adapt to customer needs, create stronger teams and individuals, and reduce our climate impact. With a humble approach, this is how we want to lead the industry transformation and continue our journey ahead”,says Linda Wikström, COO and Deputy CEO Cary Group.

Cary Group’s ambition is to be the most sustainable company in the industry with a strong connection between business strategy, brand value and sustainability management. Reducing the climate impact is one of Cary Group’s priorities, but so is dedicated work to creating added value for the Group’s co-workers, including securing their health and safety.

The full Sustainability Report is available on Cary Group’s website,

For more information, please contact:

Linda Wikström, COO and Deputy CEO or +46 10 788 82 73
Helene Gustafsson, Head of IR & Corporate Communication
helene.gustafsson@carygroup.comor +46 70 868 40 50

About Cary Group

Cary Group offers sustainable car care solutions with business in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK, specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement with a complementary offering in auto body repair. Rydsbilglas, Svenska Bussglas, Mobile Windscreens, Crashpoint, Cary and Quick Car Fix are our well known and successful brands with a total of 289 workshops, 314 mobile units, 1,000 employees and SEK 1,650m in turnover. We provide car care services that sustain the life, value and safety feature of motorized vehicles by always aiming to repair instead of replace. With convenient locations, high-quality products and smart solutions, we help our customers make simplified and sustainable choices. For more information, visit