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Want to join us?

Working at Cary Group

We are on an exciting journey. Our entrepreneurial drive creates a dynamic and chan­ging environment, where we all can contribute and make an impact. Our growth also creates new opportunities for us working here to keep developing; with new servi­ces added to our customer offer, by assuming new responsibilities, sharing knowledge and growing into new roles as part of a developing, larger organization.

We believe in people and strive to empower each other every day. Together we create a caring and inspiring work environment that cultivates autonomy and self-determination in people, enabling each person to feel valued, more confident and more trusted. Our aim is to collaborate and develop together – locally, across national borders and cross functionally – to offer even smarter and more sustainable solutions for our customers, employees and suppliers.

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A shared heritage – a common future

At Cary Group we all come from entrepreneurial and family businesses. We have always cared for our customers and kept a long-term perspective on operations. This shared heritage is what has made us come all this way. It is also what guides us into a common future.

Our culture is firmly based on five cornerstones; simplify, empower, smarter, caring and together. These are our values, and they guide us in everything we do.






Our people

We are proud to be the employer of almost 3000 people. We put great value in attracting the right people: our people. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, they are vital to what is the heart of Cary Group and the quality of our service offering, which comes down to our customer experience. In a decentralised service business such as ours, the people represent our colleagues, our production, our customer experience, our brand and our work environment. The health and motivation of our people are critical to our long-term success.

To attract, retain and develop the best people in our field is very important for us, to be able to achieve our vision and our goals. In order to accomplish this, we need to be an attractive employer. Shared values, empowerment and development opportunities for all employees help create a culture in which everyone can thrive.

Our organisation

Cary Group has a local focus in each country which ensures an offering of solutions and products adapted to our customer needs in each market. At the same time, as one family, we constantly grow stronger in what unites us. We come together and work towards common goals, learn from our experiences and continue to develop our businesses with smarter and sustainable solutions. Our centralized group function works in close collaboration with our operations in the Nordics, the UK, Spain, Portugal and Germany, providing support and guidance so that we can continue to grow both locally and internationally.

Meet our management team and board members. Leaders with the right mix of experience and commitment.

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