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This is
Cary Group

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This is
Cary Group

We are Cary Group

At Cary Group we care about cars, people and the planet. It is in our name today and has been part of our ambition the last 70 years, growing with family-run businesses that share the same vision and come together as one in Cary Group.

We provide car care services that sustain the life and safety features of motorized vehicles by always aiming to repair instead of replace. With convenient locations, high-quality products and smart solutions, we help our customers make simplifying and sustainable choices. We are committed to creating an excellent experience and we believe in making a difference.

Hard facts

With local presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK and Spain, our international group has a total of 524 workshops and 397 mobile units specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement with over 1,300 employees.





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Nordic Capital

Cary Group’s main owner Nordic Capital, through Nordic Capital Fund VIII, is a leading private equity investor committed to create stronger and sustainable businesses through operational improvement and transformative growth. With a dedicated ownership based on a deep knowledge in our sector, Nordic Capital works actively to create value for our business and their investments. They see great potential in our upcoming initiatives and expansions and we are excited about the journey ahead together.