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This is
Cary Group

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This is
Cary Group

This is Cary Group

Cary Group is one of the market leaders in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK , Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Luxemburg in the repair and replacement of vehicle glass, with a complementary offering in auto body repair and SMART repair (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques).

Cary Group has national reach on all our markets, bringing us close to our end customers. Our decentralised business model emphasises entrepreneurial spirit at the workshops. The local workshop managers are the heroes of the company and are supported by central functions to ensure they have the tools they need to provide high-quality services in an efficient manner.

Cary Group is a problem-solver for both insurance companies and end customers. Thank to efficient operations, geographical accessibility and outstanding reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, the group has grown and become a strong partner for insurance companies.

Cary Group has a sustainable strategy. With good local accessibility, high-quality products and smart solutions, we help our customers make simplified and sustainable choices. Wherever possible we strive to repair windscreens, resulting in a high repair rate. When there is no option but to replace a windscreen, Cary Group uses recycled glass and the major part of scrapped windscreens are recycled and reused, primarily as building material.

Hard facts

With local presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK and Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Luxemburg, our international group has a total of 1400 workshops, specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement, with 2,700 employees. The numbers are attributable to the year 2022.





All countries


Number of workshops


Our history

  • 1947


    Ryds glas founded

  • 2001 - 2006

    Expansion focusing on vehicle glass


    2001 - 2006

  • 2011


    Ryds Bilglas separated off

  • 2012

    New owners. The Ryd family remain active Board members.

    Merger with Samglas.
    Anders Jensen is new CEO.



  • 2013 - 2014


    Entry into Norway

  • 2017

    Entry into Denmark



  • 2018


    Entry into the UK

    Nordic Capital new owner

  • 2019

    Continued expansion through multiple acquisitions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK



  • 2020


    Cary Group established

  • 2021

    Expansion into Spain through the acquisition of Ralarsa

    Acquisitions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark of Crashpoint, Quick Car Fix and Autoklinik. Acquisition in the UK of Phoenix Windscreens.
    Towards the end of the year, agreements to acquire companies in Norway, Germany and Portugal.