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Our companies

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Our companies

Our companies

Cary Group offers car care solutions with businesses in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK and Spain specializing in vehicle glass repair and replacement. Established as local family-run companies, businesses have grown into leading market positions with nationwide operations. Advanced technology and service offers for all types of cars and brands is one of the success factors. A commitment to create smart solutions and impeccable experiences for end-customers, insurance companies and B2B partners, is another.


Ryds Bilglas

Ryds Bilglas is the leading car glass repair and replacement chain in Sweden with over 110 workshops and 400 employees. Founded in 1947 by the Ryd family, which today owns a part of Cary Group, the business has grown continuously ever since. With smart solutions and locations close to the customers, Ryds Bilglas now has a 50% market share in Sweden. The franchise brand Samglas is also part of the Swedish operations with 19 locations.


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Svenska Bussglas

A coach and bus glass specialist, acquired by Ryds Bilglas in 2019. Headquartered in Motala, Sweden with warehouses and workshops in five strategic locations with 45 employees. The company was established by its current CEO twenty years ago and has since successfully developed its business to become a leader within bus glass repair and replacement services in Sweden.


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A service and repair workshop founded in 1983. They are an authorized service and repair workshop for Hyundai, Honda, Fiat, Subaru and Isuzu and specialized damage repair partner for Bentley and McLaren. Autoklinik is also an approved body shop for Tesla cars. Autoklinik has 30 employees, primarily body repair technicians and paint workers.




Cary was established when Ryds Bilglas acquired a car glass repair and replacement chain in Norway in 2014. Over the past years, Cary has expanded into a business with more than 100 employees, 28 workshops and 15 franchise operations, now covering most of Norway’s large and medium-sized towns. Expansion has been achieved through the addition of green-fifield workshops as well as through acquisitions and franchisees.


Quick Car Fix

Founded in 2016, Quick Car Fix specializes in SMART Repair- Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques and offers cost effificient, fast and sustainable car repairs within the fifield of cosmetic damages. Its 14 workshops are located all around Norway, near the customers at strategic locations such as airports, shopping centers and parking lots.



Ryds Bilglas

Ryds Bilglas, Denmark was established in 2018 as four independent car glass repair and replacement companies joined the Ryds Bilglas franchise concept. A year later Ryds Bilglas acquired Danglas, a well-established car glass chain based in Viborg. Since then the business has grown successfully into a nationwide operation with a total of 11 workshops.



Crashpoint, Denmark’s largest car body shop center specializes in quality accident repair service. Since the start in 2009, the company has grown continuously and now has over 30 employees and repairs 3 000 vehicles a year. The majority are referred by insurers as a result of Crashpoint’s permanent partner status. Crashpoint has been certified by Tesla since 2015, is a member of the bodywork organization SKAD and was the first Eurogarant-certified workshop in Denmark.



Mobile Windscreens

Mobile Windscreens was established in 1971 and last year revenues exceeded £40m. It is the largest member of the National Windscreens consortium – which is the second largest specialist in the UK VGRR market. Operating at 36 fitting centres, with a fleet of over 230 mobile units, Mobile Windscreens offers vehicle glass repair and replacement services, and ADAS camera re-calibration across Southern England, South West and West Midlands under the brand of National Windscreens, a consortium with 5 members operating across all of the UK, being the second largest VGRR player in the market.

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Auto Cristal Ralarsa

Auto Cristal Ralarsa is the second largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company in Spain. The company, which was founded in 1978, is headquartered in Barcelona and has approximately 375 employees. Ralarsa specialises in vehicle glass repair and replacement, including calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The company operates nationally and has over 235 workshops, of which 155 franchised owned, as well as 85 mobile units and three own distribution and logistics warehouses, in Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla. Total sales, including franchise revenue, amounted to EUR 51 million and net sales attributable to the company amounted EUR 25 million in 2020.