A curved road in the mountains

A curved road in the mountains

Cary Group investment case

Eight reasons to invest in Cary Group

1. A leading European company in vehicle glass repair and replacement
Cary Group is a leader on all the markets on which the company operates

2. Problem-solver for both insurance companies and end customers
Cary Group is a problemsolver for several parties and around 77 percent of damages are covered by insurance

3. Market leading positions on a noncyclical market
Cary Group operates on a market with structural growth that is supported by technology change

4. Highly profitable
Cary Group’s growing profitability is largely the result of significant economies of scale and of business development, through extensive digitisation for among other things

5. Attractive cash flow
Cary Group’s cash flow provides good opportunities to fund acquisitions

6. Historically high organic growth
Cary Group has historically grown organically on several markets, growth that is now combined with acquisitions to further expand operations

7. Strategic acquisitions on a fragmented market
Cary Group is a company that makes acquisitions in an industry with excellent consolidation opportunities

8. Strong focus on sustainability
Cary Group is the green choice, with industry-leading and climate-smart services that are increasingly requested by insurance providers as well as end customers